Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Fountain Of Wealth

The bronze fountain, located at Suntec City, Singapore is Famous of many occasions. It has been in the Amazing Race Asian twice, at which both were clue checkpoints. It was also the place where the hit Indian Movie, Krrish, in which Krrish uses the area to locate his enemy’s helicopter.
The fountain is 13.8 metres high and occupies 1683.07 metres of land. It was in 1998 edition of the Guinness Book of Records for the “World's Largest Fountain”. The Fountain is located at the heart of Marina Centre Area, in which it is located near to its neighbours. Suntec City was created with 5 tower buildings, at which it represents the fingers and the thumb. The fountain is in the centre, representing the palm.
The water of the fountain flows inwards. His is as such as, in the Chinese culture; it is believed that water is a symbol for life and wealth. With the inward motion, it shows the Suntec City is gaining and attracting wealth. Visitors are also invited to walk around the fountain’s centre base 3 rounds, with their hand on the base handle of the fountain; touching the water. This is said to bring one wealth and good luck.

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