Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Social Bookmarking Software Boost Wealth through Branding Advertisement

Blogging is highly encouraged for today’s youth during the Youth Olympics Games . In February 2010 , it was reported by Reuters and was emphasized by the IOC saying it would allow blogging by athletes for the first time at August's Youth Olympic Games and the 3,500 competitors at the inaugural Youth Olympics will be urged to have their own blog.
Also, Smartphone technology will be utilized during the games to reflect its huge impact on the Youth Olympics, allowing athletes and visitors during the Games at the YOG to share their experiences to friends and family back home. Both organizer’s members, volunteers and athletes will be provided with smartphones to encourage them to take photo and and video with their cell phones and this will change the way viewer will watch the Games using the latest advancement provided by New social media technology

Advances in technology will also help to boost the sports awareness and viewership via streaming video on Web sites and digital television. Streaming video from the YOG over the Internet is a smart strategy as million of Internet users viewed online videos and about one-third of those videos viewed were on YouTube, owned by Google .

The YOG will provide one of the first digital platform in Asia to access to communities and re-engage hundreds of millions of Youth around the World with sport and this movement will re-energize the interest of consumer companies in sponsoring the Games

With the increased awareness of the fast distribution of News and information through social networking sites among young people, the Olympic Games will be played out on ,Ning , Facebook, YouTube ,and Flickr, in an effort to engage them
This New emergence of social media and the recent global financial crisis have had a huge impact on the younger generation and made companies target them to look for more hospitalities sales thus creating major sponsorship to the event by big consumer product companies .

Branding with Wealth is thus generated thru all this advertisement ,and marketer familiar with Social media marketing are able to capitalize on new tools like Social Bookmarking software to boost traffic to specific website or advertisments , and using dedicated Search engine optimization technique to distribute and boost branding in the most effective ways.

Traditional advertisers starts to invest on social marketing by using major social networking sites like Facebook ,Myspace,to engage with the techno-savvy youth market. The advertisement and hospitality industry simply cannot ignore the importance of younger audiences and must use creative online marketing tools to engage with them.

Blogging by Million - Earn By Million, a book written by Laura Maya will provide an insight into the emergence of social media and how to utilize the several marketing tools available from social media technology to generate New flush of New Media Income and here the YOG provide the perfect platform for readers to see the effectiveness of such tools in works and the power influence of the new media and its effect on all related sport and Media technology .

Courtesy : http://www.bookmarktechnology.com