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Nokia Lumia Smartphone Integrate with Xbox 360 Offer Wealth of Gaming Experience

Nokia Lumia Smartphone Integrate with Xbox 360 Offer Wealth of Gaming Experience

 Nokia   has  recently  attracted  positive  feedback  from potential   consumer of the new Lumia Smartphone .Capitalizing   on  the attention , Microsoft   will need to instil  consumer to  make the Nokia  as the preferred choice for their new  smartphone .  What’s  better, then to launch  a New feature apps  which  will  bring  in  followers from  a major savyy  market user . This group of savvy  user are  the gaming user , customer  who  own the Xbox.

The Xbox Companion application ( App )  for the Windows allow  all Nokia Smartphone , the Lumia 710, 800 or 900  to access to top  gaming  entertainment via Xbox Companion app which allows users to take full control of their Xbox consoles directly from the smartphone’s touchscreen display.
With the Xbox Companion ,it  allow user  to browse for favourite games  music and movies  using the Nokia Lumia 710, 800 or 900 smartphone. Once you find what you wish you, can play it directly on the xbox  console , which  works  like a remote device  bringing additional fun  to your smartphone also

By combining the Xbox 360, Xbox Live account, Xbox Companionapp and Nokia Lumia smartphones  , Gaming on your phone becomes a  truly social experience. With Xbox LIVE, it allows   user  to go  online  to  Microsoft's gaming service, letting   user play games with their  friends and helping Gamers  to  keep track of game scores and achievements. User  can do this online, on the  Xbox console, and on the Lumia smartphone through the Games hub.

In Xbox Live , User  can create  an avatar to represent  the Player .  Just open Xbox Live and  and  click on avatar  to setup the profile  and user can  pick a hairstyle, adjust the features on  face design function  or  choose the clothes to wear. Basically all the little things that allow the gamer  to  get creative and get playing
Gamer  will be able to  access   to  an enhanced gaming experience  beyond others .The  New  App  is available as a free download in the Windows Phone Marketplace and  it can be easily installed in the smartphone  to power up with  their Xbox 360 consoles , once ready , it as easy as press  and play  .
Once both system are  connect to each other, users will be able to start browsing for content. 

The latest played games will be displayed directly on the home screen of Xbox Companion application, Movies, music or games can be streamed through a TV, which is controlled by a Nokia Lumia device, for a much better entertainment experience. Advanced search for media content is available via Bing search function.

With the Bing function , user can to search for an app like YouTube or Netflix? Use the Bing search section, type it in and select the appropriate results. Using the navigational keypad in the Xbox Companion app you can then scroll through content at your leisure as you would on your normal controller.

Each Nokia Lumia smartphone excels  even  better   in  social media and email compared to older models . Its People Hub function  will pulls together not just all your contacts, but also feeds from Facebook and Twitter. Plus, conversations in the messaging app can choose between text messaging and social media messaging and Windows Phone will keep them all threaded in the same conversation all customizable  to suit user  preference

Apps Highlights
Exclusively on Nokia phones, you’ll find App Highlights preinstalled on the start screen. The App ill  highlights live tile updates regularly, giving user  a selection of the  most relevant apps for you to enjoy.

User will be  able  to access thousands of the top apps with the Lumia’s smartphones, via Marketplace, with hundreds of new apps being added every day. From fun games, such as Angry Birds and Snake, to the apps you rely on most, like Rail Planner or Sky News.

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