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Dashboard Camera Recording System for Car Crash Dispute

 Father's day  is coming around the corner, what other best  gift  you can consider to purchase  for your father this year   which provide  him a Peace of Mind  when  he is driving   around  . Well the best selection this year  will be the Car  On Board Recorder Camera system .

Such Camera system  provide video evidence in case of dispute  following road accident , and in case of road  bullies  situation, it   is can  also  provide  evidence or an deterrent  to  opposite errant  drivers who  have intention  to cause harassment to your  car driver .

Devices that  capture  full high definition resolution at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels are popular  especially in capturing  license plate numbers of cars  which hit and run even   when in the night .
The camera  can be  switch  on with easy access to the drivers and  can  focus  and swivel  them to  their target  direction or  object  in cases of any harassment or errant accidents  when it occurs.

Most of the High definition recording can take use up  major storage capacity with  such system , and  user can  choose to  purchase  back SD card for backup  of their recording. Some of the devices are  equipped with GPS features which allow them to geotag  their video  clip and pinpoint
 Where specific incidents occurred,and  they usually will works as surveillance system and track movement  around the vehicle
The following  will be  two reliable  good system  for Father Day’s  Gift consideration

This HD Rotatable LCD Vehicle DVR with 120 degree wide view angle and InfraRed Night Vision 6 IR LED light Camera captures high definition video and displays it on its 2.5 inch TFT LCD Screen. The video is saved in the SD/MMC memory card. (Memory card no included in the package). Files can be saved per 2 minutes / 5 minutes / 15minutes- with recycled recording. With the camera holder/ mount, you can fix it on the car dashboard or car windshield very easily.The high quality video & audio can be timely and strong evidence to address accident and distinguish responsibility.

The cylindrical Black Vue DR400G provide  Ultra High Definition Video Quality, Natural Reproduction of Videos With high-performance CMOS sensor and megapixel lens, it reproduces a ultra-high definition image in Full HD@30fps. Audio Recording The built-in microphone records voice and the surrounding sound. Various Recording Modes Normal recording Event recording (G sensor) Parking mode recording (motion detection) Event Recording with the G-sensor Event recording in case of an impact such as quick start or sudden stop.
Parking Mode Recording with Motion Detection In parking mode, recording will be triggered only in case of a detected motion or impact to save the storage space Turn on/off Auto Parking Mode You can set to automatically switch between parking mode and normal recording mode. Video Playback Using Multiple External Devices You can record the video in the common MP4/AVI formats and play it in multiple players. Smart Phone Dedicated Viewer, BlackVue App. Provide the BlackVue application - smart phone dedicated viewer that facilitates the playback of video and supports various settings to your preference Specialized BlackVue S/W PC (for Windows)-dedicated BlackVue software is featured by power video search, video resolution setting, voice guide, LED indication, auto switching of the parking mode, and more. Real-time Video Monitoring The Video Out port enables you to synchronize the product with the navigation system so that you can monitor the real-time video.vYou can rotate the cylinder to adjust the camera, When the black is at its optimum angle for capturing images.Press the lock button remove the camera from the holder and keep it secure the glove compartment.

Black Vue 

This is a really smart unit, one of several voice prompts reminded me to insert a microSD card.
One of the Two LED indicators at the rear blinks continuously when the camera is recording the latches on to a global positioning system signal to geotag the videos.
The devices comes with a sensor that detects forward, backward or sideways movement.
The resulting video is stored in an event folder separate from the one that deals with normal recording. If the microSD card is filled. Fresh footage will overwrite older ones saved in the normal recordin folder, this leaves the event  folder untouched, saving potentially important footage.
In terms of video quality daytime shorts are average , the real Black Vue 2-magipixel Camera did quite well .You can use it to configure the camera setting, Not too concerned about the video resolution? Lower the solution and it will, extend the recording time, at the highest resolution of 1,920 x 1.8,00 pixels, the bundled 16GB card can hold a five-hour recording.


The DOD GSE550 features a high definition 5.0 megapixel video camera capable of output resolutions of 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps.
It has a 120 degree viewing angle, H.264 loop recording, storage via up to 64gb microSD SDHC memory card (16gb microSD class 6 included), internal GPS logger, high quality audio recorder (can be disabled), HDMI and AV out, collision data protection as well as vehicle speed and time date stamp on video. The vehicle speed stamp can be set to MPH, KMH or Off.

The GSE550 is currently the best in-class car dvr/camcorder on the market. With its self-contained and compact design, it is a true marvel of Taiwanese engineering. This listing is a package deal which includes the GSE550 as well as a free 16GB Class 6 microSDHC Card by 3C Pro. There is a list of compatible cards on the DOD TEC US website (Note that all cards compatible with the GS600 are also compatible with the GSE550). The package also includes both a wall charger as well as vehicle charger and also an HDMI cable, USB cable, Mounting Bracket and User Manual. The language can be set to English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. The unit has the ability to record crystal clear audio. In addition, this audio recording feature can be switched off via a very conveniently located audio switch on the unit itself. Unlike the GS600, it is much easier to control and configure this unit because all the buttons and controls are located on the device itself. The unit automatically powers on when the car is started.

GSE 550 
These units are all pre-configured with the latest Firmware V5.4T2F-MFH. This firmware has solved all the known bugs. Recording time is dependent on the video resolution setting. At max resolution (1920x1080@30fps) the GSE550 can record 10 minutes for every gigabyte. At the lowest resolution (320x240@30fps) it can record 1504 minutes for every gigabyte.

The tiny screen gives you a quickly look at the current recording or archived videos, this is useful if you need to adjust the camera to the current angle and user  can tweak the camera setting to adjust such details as imaging resolution and frames per second.
With a 32GB microSD card, you can get up to nine hours of continuous recording at the peak resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels and 30 frames per second. Just  above the microSD card slot, you will find a HDMI port which lets you connect the unit to a HDTV to view the recorder footage.
At the bottom of the device is a USB port that lets you link the camera to a PC, so you can install the companion software, the same USB port is also used to charge the internal battery , which is sufficient to power the device only for a short period, to keep the recorder operating, you will have to use the cigarette lighter socket.
The device doubles as a still- image recorder if you need to take photographic evidence of an incident, press the mode button and you can switch, between and video still image mode, Familiar digital – camera option such as ISO Values , white balance and scenes are also included for both video and still image mode. With its built – in global positioning system unit, the device can also do location tracking as it records videos. 

Rear View Monitoring 

The above recommended system are both suitable  for  dashboard front and  back mounting . But  in situation  ,the driver   prefer a  Rear  View monitoring system for Car reversing purpose ,the folowing viewing system  is more for rear view purpose , and  does not work  the sames  as the  on board camera, 
here  we wish to highlight a newer model  so that  user can differentiate  the model is not a  Camera recording system  but only as a rear viewer only . 
Wireless Backup Camera System
The PLCM34WIR is a nightvision-capable rear view camera and monitor for your vehicle. The rear view camera mounts easily above your license plate and outputs crystal clear video over an RCA jack. And there’s no wiring required – this system is wireless, so you’ll be able to see behind you on the included 3.5” monitor in your car in a flash!
Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited – it’s like having an extra eye. And this model comes with nightvision LEDs, which illuminate the area behind you at night. This small and durable unit will keep you safe and secure because you’ll always know what’s going on around you.

Video Signals Are Sent Wirelessly So It’s Perfect for Larger Vehicles

This model uses a wireless signal to send video data from the camera to the monitor, so you don’t need to run a video cable from the camera to the monitor. This makes it perfect for larger vehicles like trucks, vans, and limos where running the cable may be difficult or impossible.

See Where You’re Going – Even in the Dark

The PLCM34WIR features IR night vision and low-light illumination, so you can see behind you clearly day or night.

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